WagerWeb Sportsbook Review - USA Players Accepted

WagerWeb is a great go-to sportsbook for players looking at betting on a variety of different sports. WagerWeb has earned the trust and respect of many of the top online sportsbook regulators in the industry, ensuring that they hold the highest standard both in the betting lines that are offered, combined with the treatment of their account holders that opt to join with them.

In that spirit, detailed here are the specifics surrounding WagerWeb Sportsbook, covering all of the important topics that one should take into consideration when looking at sports betting site to open a new account with. By the time you are done here, you will know everything from the information needed to open an account, to getting paid out real money winnings.

Is WagerWeb Sportsbook Legal?

This question is answered from the perspective of American players, because there are laws against sports betting that might lead residents to thinking that a sportsbook like WagerWeb might be illegal. However that is not true. Betting sports online for real money at WagerWeb is legal to do for USA players, because the sportsbook is not located in the United States. American players have access to it, but that is legal to do, and to bet as well.

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What Is The Legal Age To Gamble At WagerWeb?

On site, WagerWeb states that their players must be at least 18 years old. American players should know that the gambling age in the U.S. is decided at the state level as well though, which could mean that the age for a resident to legally play might be 21 years old instead of 18. Local sports betting laws can come in effect when the sportsbooks wants to make sure no underage gambling takes place in your area.

Does WagerWeb Accept USA Players from all 50 states?

American players in all 50 states are able to create accounts at WagerWeb, as the sportsbook has decided to allow accounts to be created. This is certainly a nice feature, and opens the door for Americans from every state to get in on the ever-changing action at WagerWeb.

WagerWeb Promotions And Bonuses

This sportsbook offers a few different bonus options that players can take advantage of when they deposit into WagerWeb. The bonus choices will depend on which method of funding an account is chosen. For example, for credit card deposits, WagerWeb offers up to a $500 bonus on a 50 percent match. There is also a $300 bonus option on a 30 percent match.

For deposits using a Western Union or a MoneyGram transfer, the bonus is even more. WagerWeb will do a 100 percent match up to $1,000 for players using a WU or MG deposit. However, there are plenty of other deposit match options here as well, starting at 10 percent and gradually increasing.

Does WagerWeb's Bonus Require A Bonus Code?

WagerWeb does not have a bonus code, as the bonus will be determined by the method of deposit which is recognized by the cashier on site. As such, the correct bonus amount will be applied should the player opt for the bonus.

WagerWeb Deposit Methods

There are several choices that WagerWeb account holders have when it comes to making a real money deposit, as they should when using one of the best legal betting sites. We mentioned a few of these up above when it concerned bonuses. Western Union and MoneyGram transfers are available, which USA players are able to use. Credit cards were also noted, of which a Visa card or an American Express can be validated to fund. Outside of these choices comes an ezVoucher. This EzVoucher is a voucher purchased for a certain amount, with the pin number for the voucher then input when depositing. There is one Non-USA accepted deposit method, which is Skrill, an Internet e-wallet.

WagerWeb Payout Methods

Receiving a payout from WagerWeb is simple and straightforward. The options to do so are laid out on site, and are cashier's checks, Western Union payout, and a MoneyGram payout. All options are on the table for American players, which is good news. And whether or not a player deposited with a WU or MG transfer to start with doesn't affect the ways in which a player can withdraw. The WU and MG transfers take just 12-36 hours to complete, while a cashier's check can take up to a couple of weeks to be receive. Depending on how much money you are withdrawing from your account can have a big bearing on which method is chosen.

What Is The Fastest Payout Method Available At WagerWeb?

That would be either a Western Union Transfer or a MoneyGram. Both take about the same time, getting to the player within two days’ time. Since there are just three total options, percentage wise WagerWeb has some very fast options to choose from.

Sports To Bet On At WagerWeb

The sports betting lines you would expect to find at a high-quality online sportsbook can be found at WagerWeb. They do a nice job of laying out the live available lines to the player right on site in the homepage, but the complete list of odds can be searched and found by finding the section that players want to bet. WagerWeb covers the biggest sports in the U.S. very well, including forming betting lines for all NFL and major college football FBS games on the schedule each week in the fall.

Odds Types At WagerWeb

The majority of the bets that are made at WagerWeb are game lines and prop bets. Game lines cover a few different things. The first is the point spread of the game. Here is where the bettor gets the chance to play with points by picking the favorite or underdog to cover. The other options for game lines are the moneyline, with no spread, and the over/under point total.

As for prop odds, when you bet at WagerWeb you will see player and team prop betting lines to bet on for different games. Football is probably covered the best with the most props, but that's because it's the most popular. Other sports are accompanied with props too though, so don't worry.

Betting Types At WagerWeb

Betting the spread, moneyline, over/under total, and props are all considered straight wagers. Bettors commonly make straight wagers, but many often like to mix things up for different payouts. Linked wagers like parlays and if-bets are on the table and in-play when betting at WagerWeb. In addition, certain sports will offer teasers and pleaser where the point spread is shifted.

Does WagerWeb Sportsbook Have Live Betting?

WagerWeb does indeed offer live betting action. Games in the live betting section at WagerWeb chance all the time as new matchups get underway. WagerWeb will offer many different sets of odds to be run during games that they have selected to be wagered on live. Players can even do a parlay with live betting with approval from the sportsbook, which is pretty neat.

Other Forms Of Gambling At WagerWeb

It's not all about sports betting at WagerWeb. While the sportsbook is arguably the main attraction, WagerWeb offers a casino, and race book for thoroughbred racing.

Casino - There are more than 200 casino games that can be played at WagerWeb. This is a full and complete online casino experience. Upon visiting the main casino page at WagerWeb, the left hand column lists all of the available categories of games and the individual games under that category. Each game can be clicked on for a free preview.

Racebook - Horse racing doesn't just take place during the Triple Crown events in the summer. In fact, there are huge horse racing events all over the U.S. and the world throughout the year. Never miss a chance to bet on one with WagerWeb's racebook.

What We Like About WagerWeb

Great Depositing Options - With the choice to use a Visa and American Express, plus the wire transfer options with Western Union and MoneyGram, WagerWeb has some great methods to deposit. And let's not forget about the EZVoucher either.

American Friendly - WagerWeb accepts American players, so that is certainly a big bonus.

Lists Live Lines - The betting odds that are available to be wagered at the time you sign into your account will be listed right on site. If the section is open, the odds for that section can be clicked.

Fast Payouts - Two out of the three options get the player their money in less than two days, while the other option is a cashier's check that gets sent fast as well.

What We Don't Like About WagerWeb

Bonuses Come With High Rollovers - The more the bonus a player can get, the higher that the rollover is. It goes up to a 15X rollover for the maximum bonus on a wire transfer deposit, and 12X for the maximum on a credit card.

WagerWeb Is Legal For All U.S. Players